THERE IS NO REASON TO HATE SUZY- say a must read this-

Kim Soo Hyun

Even though Suzy is young, she is never daunted. She doesn’t get disheartened. She is also really positive. That’s why everyone becomes fond of her.

I think there is a kind of spell that Suzy casts. By the end, all the staff members were, should I say, addicted to Suzy.

She is mature and good-natured to the point where I ask myself “Was I like that when I was 18?”

Even if the director is yelling and scolding, she doesn’t become intimidated or discouraged. Whenever I look back at her, she has a smiling face.

In Suzy’s case, on top of her young age, it was her first time acting and she had a lot of scenes. She must have suffered more than anyone else yet she was always mature and kept a bright face. When acting with someone, you can tell what kind of person they are, so those parts were admirable and nice.

Bae Yong Joon hyung was especially fond of Suzy out of the cast members. He only used a lot of emoticons [with her]. He said that “texting with other actors and texting with Suzy is different.”


She’s really a good kid. Usually when you reach Suzy’s level, people become arrogant, but she’s not like that at all. One time she discovered a billboard of herself by chance and exclaimed, “Whoa it’s me!” She’s still an innocent kid.


Director Lee Yong Joo of Introduction to Architecture

I am really proud of her as a director. It was really touching how Suzy worked so hard, prepared so much, and studied sincerely like a student. Once she left her script on the set and a staff member kept it and gave it to me. I was shocked – looking at the script, she had filled up page after page with careful notes just like a high school student studying for exams.
I thought, ‘this is what it means to work hard.’ Seeing her continuously worry, practice, and concentrate, I thought that she would become a great actress. She followed my directions as much as I wanted. That’s what I am most thankful to Suzy for.


Sung Yuri

Personally, I really like Suzy, who I see as really young and cute.

Looking at Suzy especially, I think that she shows the best possible character one can achieve at that age.


Broadcast staff member

miss A members are fundamentally really kind and easygoing and super polite. Especially with Suzy, you would think that she’d be a little arrogant since she is already such a top star, but she’s not like that at all. She always brightly greets the staff members on set, is friendly with them, and you can feel that it is sincere and not an act. During the breaks on set, she watches the staff play Nintendo games and is really nice to her unnies. She seems very polite and kind, like a kid that has grown up receiving love.


Jewelry’s Yewon

When Suzy would come after finishing overseas performances as well as other schedules, she must be really tired but she doesn’t show it. Inside, I was very surprised. I realized that there is a reason behind success.


Daughter of broadcast PD

I heard that amongst PDs, Suzy is really a gem. They say that even though she has risen so much in popularity, she is the same as when she started out and really is innocent.

Lee Chan Hyuk of Akdong Musician

Yoon Do Hyun: I heard that Chanhyuk has fallen in love recently, who is the girl?

Soohyun: It’s Suzy, Suzy Suzy Suzy.

Chanhyuk: I registered at her fan café. Meeting her, I saw that she has a great personality as well.

Boom: Of course. Suzy is too kindhearted.

Song Eun-Yi

I think miss A ‘Suzy’ is really admirable, truly..

Lee Jae Hoon (co-star from Introduction to Architecture)

Even though I received the jealousy and resentment of millions of male fans, I liked [working with her] because she was very pretty, genuine, and sincere.

Extra on Gu Family Book

Lee Seung Gi and Suzy’s mentalities are the best.

I went to be an extra on Gu Family Book.

Since the extras were getting soaked by the rain, as soon as she heard ‘cut!’ Suzy told her manager and coordinator to help them dry off and she herself helped wipe the extras’ faces with a tissue. Also there was an extra waiting outside and she gave him an umbrella and even went and got him coffee.

When the filming ended Suzy came to the extras’ bus and said you guys had such a hard time today, let’s meet next time when the weather is good!


Yoo Yeon Suk (co-star from Introduction to Architecture)

These days, television quality is so good that celebrities on screen and in real life look about the same, but you can’t tell personality.

When it comes to Suzy, her personality is as pretty as her face. Even though she’s an extremely popular star, she does everything the way she feels and expresses. She has none of the things that are concerning in others that debuted at a young age, and is a really pure person.


Jeon Ah Min (co-star from Dream High)

Some viewers said that Bae Suzy’s acting was awkward, but in my eyes, it isn’t. She is working really hard and at that level on her first try is good. Her personality is really kind as well and she is very polite on set.


Staff member of Introduction to Architecture

The truly kind Suzy, who remembered each and every staff member and personally wrote us all letters, even though she came to set having only slept 3 hours in this busy year-end period!!!!!! Super touched!!!!!


Kim Joo Yeon (student from Suzy’s old school)

(To Suzy) Unnie! Do you remember Ms. Yuri Kim, your 9th grade history teacher? She is our teacher now! She says you were really a good kid! (…) I heard her talk about you! She says you were really pretty and truly hardworking!!


Make-A-Wish Foundation

On February 5th, despite her busy schedule, she met and granted the wishes of the children with incurable diseases who had waited for her.

The children that met Suzy were a 15-year-old boy suffering from lymphoma and a 11-year-old girl suffering from a brain tumor. These two children had requested to meet Suzy through the Korean Make-a-Wish Foundation.

In the small conference room, Suzy gladly greeted the two children and sincerely answered all their questions. When asked what was the most rewarding moment after becoming a singer, she replied “Moments like right now, when I can become a source of strength to other people.”

She parised and marveled at the hat and hair accessory that the children had prepared as gifts, and put them on right away. After spending time with them talking and making handprints, Suzy said “with today’s memory, I hope you can overcome the tough times at the hospital and become healthy” and gave them each a guitar and sneakers as a gift.


Lee Seung Gi

I think that her hardworking attitude on set is charming. Honestly, actresses can be a little difficult and get tired, but Suzy works quietly yet energetically. I’ve never seen an actress so brave. The more I see her, the more I like her.


Baek Sung Hyun (co-star from Big)

I think that Suzy is really a good person. Her good-natured and hardworking persona is attractive.
I don’t know if it’s because I’m absorbed in my character, but I can’t take my eyes off of her.


Jo Sung-ha (co-star from Gu Family Book)

When I met Suzy at award shows before, I felt a calm and demure femininity, but the Suzy I met on set was completely into the Dam Yeo Wool character and showed off a clumsy and boyish charisma. She feels like a real daughter because she is someone that truly works hard.

Translated by Seryn 아보카도 of @forsuzy94. This is only part 1 – there are many more that I didn’t translate yet.
komen dari daeguhyungnim di allkpop. 
waktu rumor sport seoul

ucap-ucap :

Why her? she’s such a kind girl who loves to smile brightly to other people even she’s facing a lot problems. To who said  that she gains popularity cause HER LOOK and LUCK ! GET LOST! we as her fans never stop to give her support!
Dan kalau kalian HATE Suzy karena fansnya yang sering ngeshipperin sama bias kalian, atau sering di mention buat jadi tipe ideal namja idols, you should know why your “oppa” choose her. lmao.
She’s not fake anyway. Suzy is Suzy. she’s never acts cute in front your “oppa”. face the facts girls!!



14 pemikiran pada “THERE IS NO REASON TO HATE SUZY- say a must read this-

  1. setuju banget ama kata2 aurthor yg terakhir..suzy itu apa adanya dan gak pernah berpura pura di depan siapapun…itu yang membuat dia special

  2. Aku sempet sedih waktu tau berita suzy yang difitnah sbg idol yg kasar gt. but, aku yakin kalau itu cuma hoax. mereka buat berita gt, karna iri sm kesuksesannya suzy. suzy ramah sm semua orang, g sekedar acting doang. knp mereka bs berpikir gt? suzy g cuma baik atau ramah di dpn kamera, aku yakin dia orang yg baik. sikapnya g mungkin dibuat-buat. Well, apapun kata mereka, dan walaupun banyak yg ngebash suzy, aku tetap dukung suzy. be strong, Suzy eonni ^^. Don’t mind about what haters say. Say A and JYP Nation lover are always beside u. hwaiting !!!

  3. q juga sering heran kenapa orang2 (antisuzy) bisa benci ama suzy cuma gara2 dia smakin populer belakangan ini..alasannya pun gk masuk akal buat ngebenci dy.. (¬_¬”)
    apa salah kalau suzy makin populer? itu mah uda rejeki dari Чǝлƍ d atas..seharusnya kalo ada orang yang sukses sebagai mahluk sosial qt harusnya ikutan seneng dan ndukung dia,jangan malah ngebash abis2an..
    mungkin para antis itu syirik ama suzy karna biasnya gk bsa kyk dy.hahaha
    buat my babe suzy, para fansmu dimanapun berada selalu percaya dan mendukungmu..
    jangan patah semangat, dan lakukan yang terbaik..
    kami selalu berdiri disini untukmu ヽ(´▽`) ノ

  4. Lagian dr awal beritu hoax itu muncul aku udh gak percaya…dan bener gak lama dr itu muncul berita yg klarifikasiin tentang berita hoax itu
    Trus aku jg yakin tanpa adanya berita klarifikasibitu semua jg udh pd tau klw suzy itu bener” idol yg baik krn sesama idol pun byk bgt yg memuji dia..
    Suzy itu gak cmn cantik tp jg punya good personality, dia multitalent bisa nyayi, akting, mc semua bs dia lakuin ratu cf pula skrg 😀
    Wajar klw ad yg jd antisnya suzy krn mungkin byk yg iri krn ketenaran yg dia punya tp suzy antisnya jg gak sbyk idol lain krn alasan dia byk dipiliih sbg bintang cf jg krn dia punya antis yg sdkit
    That’s why I like suzy, uri suzy you are so kind so proud to be your fans 🙂

  5. Gue suka banget sama Suzy. Kenapa? Karena Suzy selain multitalented, dia juga apa adanya. Ngga pernah jaim sama orang. Selalu jadi dirinya sendiri. Kadang gue pikir ini orang terlalu polos atau apa? Gue salut sama kakak gue ini. Seperti yang author bilang Suzy is Suzy. Alami banget lah pokoknya. Pokoknya yang jadi haters Suzy itu bego setengah mampus deh ._. Buat kakak gue, fighting!!!!

  6. That’s is Suzy! Aku bener-bener bangga jadi fansmu, Suzy-ah!
    Suzy is my first Love! Really really…… Love at first sight!
    Suzy akan tetap jadi No. 3 dihatiku! Kenapa? Soalnya No. 1 : Ibuku, No. 2 : Adikku hehe
    Bakalan jadi yang ke 4 kalau aku udah nemuin pageranku, Yup! Aku cewek hahahaha
    Fighting Suzy-ah!!!

  7. Sedih kalo tahu ada yang benci sama dia TT harusnya mereka tau mana yang akting atau bener-bener orang baik^^ Cuma gara-gara bias mereka dishipperin sama Suzy aja langsung jadi haters 😦 Sukak banget baca artikel ini thor :3

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