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THERE IS NO REASON TO HATE SUZY- say a must read this-

Kim Soo Hyun

Even though Suzy is young, she is never daunted. She doesn’t get disheartened. She is also really positive. That’s why everyone becomes fond of her.

I think there is a kind of spell that Suzy casts. By the end, all the staff members were, should I say, addicted to Suzy.

She is mature and good-natured to the point where I ask myself “Was I like that when I was 18?”

Even if the director is yelling and scolding, she doesn’t become intimidated or discouraged. Whenever I look back at her, she has a smiling face.

In Suzy’s case, on top of her young age, it was her first time acting and she had a lot of scenes. She must have suffered more than anyone else yet she was always mature and kept a bright face. When acting with someone, you can tell what kind of person they are, so those parts were admirable and nice.
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Playful Love (Oneshoot/Twoshoot)

MyungZy cute

Tittle : Playful Love
Author : Greenia Yani
Twitter: @jnp_greenia
Genre : Romance, Sad & Comedy (?)
Lenght : (?)

Main Cast :
 (Miss A) Bae Su Ji / Soo Ji aka Suzy
 (Infinite) Kim Myungsoo / L aka Myungsoo
 (SHINee) Choi Minho aka Minho
 (T-ara) Park Jiyeon aka Jiyeon
DISCLAIMER : Suzy Bae is My Inspiration For Make The Story, This Story is Mine & The Story is Real My Imagination For My Idol ☺♥

NOTE : Don’t Be a Plagiathor & Don’t Copy Paste Without Permision
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